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      - Something Brewery is an uncommon and creative brewing company that sets its goals on producing the most creative and inspiring beers for the most unique individuals. Our philosophy is simple…Tailor a creative and unique drinking experience in every bottle. Our product is made with the finest ingredients in order to fulfill the curious taste of the unique individual. Our idea is Beer, our Philosophy is unique, and our Goal is inspiring


This story starts where most breweries in this industry begin with, the love of beer. The craft beer scene in Colorado has experienced strong growth over the last 20 years. Creativity drives this force, along with the final product of unique and inspiring beer.  During the first part of 2012, Brian Castillo and David Allegrezza set out on their first adventure of home brewing. With creative and inspiring beers already available in Colorado, their mission was to create the unique kind of beers that many Coloradans have come to enjoy and expect. Starting as a hobby, Something Brewery quickly became an idea and a reality.


With the idea in place, a name was needed. David, a bartender at the time, came up with the idea Something Brewery. Why “Something?” The idea behind the name was formed at the bar top. Many patrons would come to the bar asking for a certain type of beer, starting each phrase with, “Something.” David found that many asked for something light, something dark, or something hoppy.  The name Something Brewery was adopted and helped create an inquisitive atmosphere for beer enthusiasts.


The idea was finally named and the next steps of research and development ensued. Research was the fun part; brewery after brewery was visited to establish a sense of the beer community and culture in Colorado.  Many brews, created by the most sophisticated and well-known breweries in Colorado, were sampled and enjoyed. A culture existed in Colorado, a culture that mixes unique ideas, great people, and amazing beer.  This culture has helped Something Brewery envision its own blend of ideas for what a beer can be. As the idea of Something Brewery started to take place, Brian and David set out to accomplish a unique and enjoyable resume of beer recipes. While hard at work, they quickly enlisted the help and knowledge of Dustin Christopher to help establish the company and work on a top notch business plan. Hard work and experimentation led to the creation of their first line of Tea infused beers. Quickly figuring out the competitive advantage of tea infused beers, Something Brewery, first as an idea, finished incorporating in mid-2014.


-Our tea infused beers will be the first line of its kind available on the market. Our task is to grab a new market of craft beer drinkers by providing innovative and creative recipes that grab the attention of both, tea and coffee drinkers alike, while holding true to our values and mission. Our ideas are creative and our products are rewarding, but our market is expanding. We strive to not only compete in the beer industry, but look forward to establishing long lasting collaborative efforts with competitive breweries for future success as a whole industry - Something Brewery, LLC


Values help guide a business to the ultimate goal of success and innovation. Something Brewery has simplified its core values as a company with Integrity, Community, and Creativity. Integrity allows for the pursuit of our passion of brewing with only the finest ingredients and innovative recipes. We promise to uphold the integrity of our mission by always pushing the boundaries of what beer is and can be. Our goal is to grab a new market that will allow for sustainable future growth. Community provides the means for interaction and satisfaction of our finished products. Our efforts push toward sustainability in our brewing process and our community efforts. A push toward culture and community involvement is essential for our success. Community programs, education, classes, atmosphere, and charity, allow for us to grow with the community and create a culture of involved social responsibility. Creativity is “key” to providing a sustainable product and culture in our community. Constant innovation will allow us to push the boundaries of craft beer in an industry riddled with collaborative efforts and constant growth.

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